Highlights First Few Days Of Scott Brown’s “Main Streets & Living Rooms” Tour

Rye – After 23 total stops during the first four days of the “Main Streets and Living Rooms” tour, the New Hampshire for Scott Brown Exploratory Committee released a new web video, called “Run, Scott.”

It highlights Brown on the road, visiting diners, meeting with residents where they live and work, learning about their concerns, thanking them for their friendship and for opening their doors and homes to him.  As Brown said yesterday, “the number one issue” he’s hearing from people is Obamacare and its harmful effects.

The spot concludes with a shot of Brown at a gas station re-fueling his trademark GMC pick-up truck, which has nearly 300,000 miles on it.

Brown’s energetic campaigning style on the “Main Streets and Living Rooms” tour has received high marks so far from New Hampshire media outlets who have noted he is “setting a relentless pace” and “has barely stopped moving since announcing.”

To view “Run,Scott,” click here:

Transcript For “Run Scott” (WEB :46)

SCOTT BROWN: “Starting tomorrow morning, starting tomorrow morning, and for the next several weeks, Gail and I will be traveling around this great state to introduce ourselves. To ask questions. To speak with everyone, of every background, Republicans, Independents, Democrats alike. And above all, to listen and learn. Thank you for your courtesy, your friendship, God Bless.”