More than five million Americans have enrolled in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
However, many more are facing cost constraints, concerns or outright confusion over their options.
Frisbie Hospital CEO Al Felgar says the Affordable Care Act has been a disaster.
Felgar and a panel of three other local business leaders spoke to citizens Tuesday evening at an Americans For Prosperity event titled "'Obamacare': Real Stories, Real People."
Felgar has worked at Frisbee for 21 years and remembers when there were dozens of insurance companies writing policies in the state. Now, under the Affordable Care Act, New Hampshire citizens have only one provider to choose from.
Felgar doesn't understand why Anthem was given a monopoly in the state under the ACA and says, "They control everything."
He said Anthem was able to "choose the 16 hospitals they want to play ball with," while those who didn't make the cut are out in the cold.
"When a hospital is knocked out of 'Obamacare,' most of the doctors are unable to participate," he said.
This has left 10 hospitals in the state and the majority of Frisbie's 14 physician practices from being included in Anthem's coverage under the ACA.
"The whole process stinks," he said. "We've got many, many patients who will sign up under the Affordable Care Act, but they can't go to the hospital they've been going to for decades."

Felgar believes it is "grossly unfair" for people to have to leave their communities and give up their doctors to be treated.
"Your family doctor is really under the gun these days to do a good job for you, and when this came down in the middle of the night — that they were wiped out for no reason — it devastated them," he said.
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