CEI Today: Union release time and the Obama record on regulations + overtime mandate

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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Workplacechoice.org: Ohio Constitution Prohibits Union Release Time

Yesterday, Media Trackers reported the Ohio Centerville Classroom Teachers Association membership agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement that is still waiting on approval from the school board.

Unfortunately, according to Centerville City Schools Superintendent Thomas Henderson, the union perks from the last contract will remain intact unless the school board refrains from approving the contract and negotiates a new agreement.

The most obscene union privilege in the contract is union release time, or a taxpayer subsidy to unions, which pays government workers to perform union business unrelated to their job duties while they continue to draw a government salary.
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> Interview Trey Kovacs


Forbes: 15,177 U.S. Executive Orders: President Barack Obama's Not The Only One With A Pen And Phone


It’s well known that President Obama pledges to use his “pen” and “phone” to implement a “year of action” with or without Congress.

There is some inexactness involved 
but the table I’ve assembled below reckons a total, overall, of 15,177 as of year-end 2013 (officially we’re at 13,659). Highlighting executive orders matters because decrees or fiats issued in a limited government context have different implications than executive orders in the activist government context that prevails now. > Read more

> Interview Wayne Crews

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The Washington Times: More overtime rules enrich Obama

By making overtime rules burdensome nationwide, the Obama administration eliminates this competitive advantage enjoyed by conservative and moderate states over liberal ones. That rewards Mr. Obama’s political base even as it harms the country as a whole. > Read more

> Interview Hans Bader





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