NRSC - Jeanne Shaheen Haunted by Broken Pledges, Promises

Shaheen Famously Pledged to Granite State Voters, "If You Like Your Doctor...You Can Keep Your Doctor."

Jeanne Shaheen's pledge problems continue to haunt her this week.  After getting caught misleading reporters for claiming to have "a full week of events scheduled in New Hampshire and that they will send advisories on Monday", Shaheen's office failed to produce a list of her events for the week when asked for one.

Then, the vulnerable Senator hypocritically called for independent groups to stay out of New Hampshire (despite the fact that groups supporting her have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her behalf) before jet setting to California to collect more special interest money from liberal donors with no ties to the Granite State. 

In 2009, Shaheen promised “The health care plan we are working on in Congress will let people keep their doctor and their insurance plan if they like it". But as President Obama exposed last week, that's not the case. Too many women, families, seniors and workers in New Hampshire will lose their doctor thanks to Jeanne Shaheen's ObamaCare vote. As Granite Staters know, there are few things as personal to individuals as the trust and understanding they have with their doctor.

"Jeanne Shaheen's pledge to Granite Staters that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, shows that she just can't be trusted to keep her word," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "The truth is that Jeanne Shaheen wants to talk about anything but the disastrous ObamaCare law that she is responsible for and the fact that families around Concord and across New Hampshire are being harmed as a result. Before Jeanne Shaheen makes any new pledges, she should explain to New Hampshire voters why she broke her previous pledges about ObamaCare and has misled people for years."



In 2009, Shaheen Said “The Health Care Plan We Are Working On In Congress Will Let People Keep Their Doctor And Their Insurance Plan If They Like It, expand coverage options for people that need it, and stabilize costs for families, businesses and our economy. I look forward to continuing the effort and to achieve comprehensive health care reform that works for all Americans.” (Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, “Shaheen Discusses Health Care With New Hampshire Seniors,” Press Release, 8/21/09)