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Happy 4th Birthday, Obamacare!

Believe it or not, it is Obamacare's 4th Birthday this weekend!

Considering Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter voted to help pass this disaster of a law, we would like to help them celebrate.  

Click HERE for an intro video from our Executive Director Matthew Murphy and stay tuned for the full video of our delivery next week!
Obamacare-related premiums to skyrocket in New Hampshire, but Senator Shaheen refuses to comment

This week, The Hill released an article titled O-Care premiums to skyrocket where the news source reports that health industry officials are saying, "Obamacare-related premiums will double in some parts of the country." These expected rate hikes will be announced in the coming months. 


The article continued by stating, "areas of the country with older, sicker or smaller populations are likely to be hit hardest." New Hampshire is obviously one of the smallest states in the nation, but data also shows that our state is ranked at the very top of the list when it comes to aging populations.


These concerns from highly regarded health industry officials should be a top issue for our legislators, particularly Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and Congresswoman Annie Kuster who voted for and continue to support Obamacare. However, none of the three aforementioned representatives have said nothing about it.


Considering how important this issue will be for Granite Staters, and since she refuses to hold Town Hall meetings to discuss it with them, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire tried on multiple occasions throughout the week to ask Senator Jeanne Shaheen her thoughts on the article in The Hill.  However, when asked about it, she refused to comment every time.


Click HERE to watch our video footage of Senator Shaheen avoiding our questions on the impact these possible increases in Obamacare-related premiums could have on Granite Staters.


Considering Senator Shaheen cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, she owes New Hampshire residents an explanation on why she continues to stand by it and how she will work to protect her constituents from premiums that could actually double in cost. We are extremely disappointed that our state's senior senator doesn't have, or refuses to give, an answer to these questions. We call on her to address them immediately.

Senator Shaheen's office lies about releasing her public schedule, and then rushes to blunt criticism after we visit


Last weekend, Senator Jeanne Shaheen was once again worrying about her own political career rather than spending time with New Hampshire constituents. In fact, she wasn't even in the Granite State. She was in California fundraising.


With pressure building due to the fact that Senator Shaheen rarely holds public events and hasn't hosted a real Town Hall meeting to meet with Granite Staters in years, in a Politico article on Saturday, "her office said she has a full week of events scheduled in New Hampshire and that they will send advisories on Monday."


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire visited Senator Shaheen's Manchester office on Monday to request a full list of the events she will be attending for the week, as her office had promised to distribute on Monday in Politico.


In response, her Manchester staff told us that Senator Shaheen only has one public event that day and the staffer would only list the names of towns that the senator might be in throughout the week. Contrary to what was promised in Saturday's Politico article by her staff, her Manchester staffer said that they "do not do a list (of events) for the week." In addition, apparently the only way to be made aware of events where she will be present at is if you are a member of the media considering her website doesn't have an "events" section and you need to be on the "press list" to find out where Senator Shaheen will be at.


Click HERE to watch the full video of our interactions with Senator Shaheen's Manchester staff contradicting her Washington staff's comments in the Politico article on Saturday.


Interestingly enough, after we visited Senator Shaheen's office on Monday, throughout the week, she began releasing some events she would be attending the evening prior to each day. However, she never released the full week's schedule as promised in Politico. Furthermore, it is regrettable that it takes pressure from us and the media to make these events available to Granite Staters like you.

Some crazy votes at the State House this week


There were at least two bills that passed the New Hampshire House of Representatives this week that many Granite Staters are already shaking their heads at. 


The first bill we want to inform you about was voted on without the House even holding a public hearing on it.  HB 1570, a Sales Tax on paint, passed with a vote of 161-142.  We encourage you to contact your State Senator and tell him or her to oppose this legislation. Click HERE for their contact information.

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While you might think a Sales Tax on paint would be the craziest thing the New Hampshire House of Representatives did this week, a vote on Thursday was just as outrageous. By a vote of 174-105, the House voted to continue to allow EBT cards to be used to purchase alcohol and tobacco products. 

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A Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire fundraiser with Texas Senator Ted Cruz

For over a year, our organization has been fighting Obamacare and highlighting the negative effects this disastrous law has had on countless New Hampshire families. While Senator Jeanne Shaheen continues to stand by it, folks like Senator Ted Cruz have been working tirelessly to repeal it. We are excited to welcome Senator Cruz to the Granite State and to hear from one of the leading voices in the U.S. Senate on how his efforts on Capitol Hill have advanced conservative values of limited government for all Americans.  
Laugh of the week    
Some humor for your Friday. Have a great weekend, Granite Staters!