Guinta For Congress - Frank Guinta Convenes Health Care Roundtable Ahead of Obamacare's Four Year Anniversary

Solutions Sought to Improve our Nation’s Health Care System

Sunday, March 23, 2014, marks the four-year anniversary of President Barak Obama signing into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Responding to concerns from New Hampshire residents regarding the implementation of this legislation and the affect it is having on their lives, Frank Guinta began a Health Care Listening Tour. Throughout this tour, he has been to the hospitals left off the Obamacare Exchange, met with seniors, small business leaders, elected officials and many who have lost their health care in an effort to determine the best corrective course of action.

Marking the four-year anniversary of Obamacare’s passage, Frank Guinta convened a roundtable this morning to hear directly from those on the front lines of health care delivery, and those otherwise affected by Obamacare.

Attendees of the event were as follows:

Al Felgar, CEO Frisbie Hospital
Nancy Ryan, Executive Director NH Breast Cancer Coalition
Mark Galvin, Managing Director, New England Innovation Center, LLC
Jay Couture, Executive Director, Seacoast Mental Health
Mike Ambrogi, Chief Operating Officer, Novocure
Jeff Carlisle, CEO of Leveraged Developments
Patricia Cummings Administrator Edgewood Centre 

Frank Guinta had this to say following the roundtable:

“We all know of the devastating impact Obamacare is having on New Hampshire. What is less understood is what is needed to reform our nation’s health care system to ensure that those who need access to quality care are able to receive it.”

“Washington is still not listening, so as part of this Health Care Listening Tour, I convened a roundtable to hear from individuals in the health care field in order to better understand their concerns and ideas for improving the system. This morning we discussed protecting the prohibition against excluding preexisting conditions, introducing market reforms to increase competition to drive down costs and repealing the medical device tax among other issues. It is essential for those who wish to serve our state to seek out diverse opinions and hear from those who will be impacted by the legislation enacted.”