Guinta For Congress - Team Guinta's Friday Rewind

Team Guinta: A Hit In Every Corner of the District!

Health Care Roundtable

This morning, Team Guinta brought its Health Care Listening Tour back to Portsmouth ahead of the four-year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare.

The negative impact Obamacare is having on New Hampshire is clear, we need to focus on ensuring Granite Staters have access to the high quality, low cost care they deserve.

Washington politicians refuse to listen to those affected by the laws they pass.To combat this problem, a roundtable was convened to hear from a diverse group of stakeholders in the health care field to get their opinions and ideas for improving our nation’s broken system. You can find Team Guinta’s release on the event here.  It is incumbent upon those who wish to serve to seek out diverse opinions and hear from those who will be impacted by the legislation enacted.


The chill in the air and snow on the ground cannot cool the Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee's passion to see a change in Washington this fall! We covered a wide array of issues from Obamacare, to reductions in federal spending, and stimulating job growth.

Team Guinta cannot wait to return to the beautiful North Country the coming weeks and months!


It was great to stop by Jo Greens in Wolfeboro and catch up with the Winnipesaukee Republican Committee. I truly enjoyed the warm welcome I received and the chance to casually talk about the issues.

I am very thankful for the great friends and supporters I have in the Lakes Region.

Local committees provide so much of the energy and enthusiasm we will need to win in 2014. I look forward to continuing to make the rounds and speak with excited grassroot activists around the District!

Special thanks to New Hampshire’s newest Executive Councilor, Joe Kenney for making an appearance as well!

Please check out the release for Team Guinta’s most recent list of endorsements from around the District HERE

Please see Team Guinta’s release from our trip to Novocure, a medical device manufacturer that is revolutionizing cancer treatment with successes in elongating life. A company that under Obamcare’s medical device tax will have to cut research spending, stalling innovation and advancements in cancer treatment.

Also: you will see a picture from Bobby Stephens 36th Annual St. Patrick's Day Event. It was great to see old friends and spend the night with my family.