NHDP - Beleaguered Brown: Obamacare SNAFU Makes National News

You Know It’s a Bad Week When Scott Brown Can’t Even Get Bashing the Affordable Care Act Right

Concord, NH—This week, as Brown set out for his FIRST tour of New Hampshire, he wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms. Instead, he was called out for his hypocrisy on the People’s Pledge—a plan that he came up with and praised as working, but now won’t sign. Then, he avoided responding to Senator Bob Smith’s call for 10 debates before the GOP primary. Finally, and most awkwardly, Brown arrived ill-prepared to a house party, embarrassed himself, and was rendered speechless.
While speaking to a group in State Rep. Herb Richardson’s living room, Brown called Obamacare a “monstrosity” only to be taken to task by Richardson, who called the plan a “financial lifesaver” for his family. His wife even chimed in, “Thank God for Obamacare!” Ouch, Scott. You know it’s a bad week when a Republican can’t even bash Obamacare without looking like an amateur.
The Coos County Democrat broke the story of Herb Richardson’s life-saving experience with Obamacare and Brown’s non-reaction, which was then reported in the Huffington Post, under the headline, “Scott Brown Awkwardly Finds Out That Obamacare Is Also Helping Republicans.”
Brown’s moment of awkwardness gained national attention on “All in with Chris Hayes.” Hayes described the Brown/Richardson moment as “when myth meets reality.”

The Maddow Blog wrote,
“Running against an abstraction is easy; running against a law that’s currently benefiting millions of families nationwide is a little trickier. That may slowly be dawning on Brown right about now.”
Daily Kos reported:
“Scott Brown is as hapless a Senate candidate in New Hampshire as he was in Massachusetts. Even in a crowd of friendly fellow Republicans, he can't seem to keep his foot out of his mouth, particularly when it comes to Obamacare.”
This comes on the heels of former State GOP Chair Furgus Cullen announcing that his family would save $1,000 a month thanks to Obamacare.
Looks like Scott Brown may need a little more than a tired GOP talking point to make it in New Hampshire.