ALG's Daily Grind - War on Bloggers Escalates


March 24, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

War on Bloggers Escalates
The First Amendment is a pesky thing to politicians.  It allows, nay encourages, the exact kind of diverse political speech that those in power loathe. Now, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), not content to just continue her long running attempt to put a dagger into the right to keep and bear arms, is leading the charge to create a federal government sanctioned journalist licensing system that threatens the First Amendment as well.

Ukraine aid hangs in balance so Obama can funnel $63 billion to the IMF
ALG's Mehrens: "There is absolutely no reason to hold up Ukraine aid, needed to support the nascent government there, so that Obama can give another $63 billion to the IMF to bail out bankrupt governments like Greece and the banks that foolishly lent them money."

U.S. energy, Ukraine, and Russia
U.S. policy and lawmakers have failed to take the actions necessary to respond to the recent surge in natural gas and oil supplies, and may not be in a position to assist Ukraine should Russia turn off the pipeline.

Bray: Why fix Internet if it's not broken?
A free speech case for the U.S. keeping the Internet.