NHDP - Scott Brown Sides with Out of State Oil Baron Koch Brothers

Bipartisan Medicaid Expansion Plan Expected to Pass NH Legislature

But Brown Would Reverse, Blocking Health Care for NH
Concord, NH -- As the New Hampshire legislature moves today to pass a bipartisan plan that will expand health care to thousands in the state, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is standing with Oil barons and special interests working to reverse progress. 

“Scott Brown would block health care for thousands of people in New Hampshire, reversing a bipartisan plan passed by New Hampshire lawmakers who came together to do what’s right for New Hampshire, just ‘cause, whatever,’” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley, repeating Brown's response to the Associated Press reporter asking Brown about his New Hampshire credentials. 

Brown is calling for repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act, echoing the talking points of the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.  Repeal of the ACA would end federal funding for New Hampshire's Medicaid Expansion and keep thousands of people from receiving health care.

The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove's corporate interest PAC are pouring millions in dark money into New Hampshire to buy Scott Brown a Senate seat. 

“Scott Brown is for Scott Brown and the big out of state oil barons, Wall Street, and the corporate interests that pay for his campaigns and this year are trying to buy him a senate seat," said Buckley.  "The people of New Hampshire deserve leaders who will work for them, not Big Oil and Wall Street."

Republican Senate President Chuck Morse praised the bipartisan Medicaid Expansion compromise as “a New Hampshire solution.”  The New Hampshire Business and Industry Association announced support for expansion, citing that “health care providers aren’t reimbursed for treating uninsured patients, which ultimately impacts the amount cost-shifted onto other payers, such as businesses and their employees.”  The state senate passed expansion with broad bipartisan support including the more than half of the Republican caucus.