ALG's Daily Grind - Senator Cornyn against media 'shield' bill: Right for all the wrong reasons


March 28, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Senator Cornyn against media 'shield' bill: Right for all the wrong reasons
Senator claims bill's minimal media shield would undermine leak investigations, then complains not enough people get journalist protections.

Local teachers voting to disassociate from state, national teachers unions
The Wicomico County Education Association figures that — with dues in excess of $500,000 sent up the ladder to state and national unions — the local teachers can perform better for themselves the services the WCEA and NEA claim to offer local teachers associations.

U.S. electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs
In less than an hour, last April, saboteurs attacked a power substation near San Jose, California, cutting fiber optic cables in a manner designed to maximize repair time and shot up 17 transformers, causing them to leak their oil coolant, overheat, and fail. It 27 days to get it back online.

Washington Times: Lawmakers told IRS probe will take years
"John Koskinen, the man President Obama tapped to clean up the embattled agency, also said it will take years to respond to all of the document requests from Congress. He told Congress that even complying with a subpoena for emails from just a handful of key employees couldn't be done before the end of this year because it takes time to have attorneys delete protected taxpayer information."