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“What I’ve Heard In N.H.: Obamacare Is A Mess”

Rye – The Scott Brown Exploratory Committee released a new web video today highlighting his visits with New Hampshire families and businesses as part of his ongoing “Main Streets & Living Rooms” tour. Titled “The People’s Voice,” the spot chronicles Brown’s travels across the state where he has learned about citizens’ “hopes for the future” and their concerns about Obamacare.

“I think the people of Washington should spend some time with the citizens of New Hampshire.  They might learn a thing or two about what makes America great,” says Brown during the video.

Throughout the tour, many Granite Staters have expressed frustration about the harmful impacts of Obamacare.  During a stop in Rochester on Tuesday, Frisbie Memorial Hospital’s president, Al Felgar, said the law has resulted in devastating restrictions to the point where the “hospital cannot remain competitive.”

Yesterday, Brown penned a guest op-ed in the Concord Monitor headlined “What I’ve heard in N.H.: Obamacare is a mess.” Brown pointed out that Senator Shaheen cast the tie-breaking vote for Obamacare and note that it’s “a fair question to ask why in passing this bill Sen. Shaheen put a national political agenda ahead of the interests of her state. This is what happens when you vote 99 percent of the time with President Obama.”

Brown kicked-off the statewide tour on March 15th, making more than 50 stops in total, ranging from a lunch visit at Mary Ann’s Diner in Derry to a penny candy stop at Chutter’s in downtown Littleton.

To view “The People’s Voice,” click herehttp://youtu.be/OAwjfpz8qLM

Transcript For “The People’s Voice” (WEB :46)

SCOTT BROWN: “I want to thank the people of New Hampshire.

“You’ve welcomed us into your homes, your businesses, and the places where you live and work.

“You shared your hopes for the future.  And you taught me some things.

"You want a vibrant economy with more good paying jobs.

“A government that doesn’t spend more than it takes in.

“A country that is respected around the world by our friends and our enemies.

“Most of all, you want a health care system that works for New Hampshire.

“Not one that leaves you with canceled policies, higher taxes, and limited options.

“You’re also looking for leadership that listens and learns.

“I think the people of Washington should spend some time with the citizens of New Hampshire.

“They might learn a thing or two about what makes America great.”

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