Guinta For Congress - Team Guinta's Friday Rewind

From Frank's Desk

Whether it is our Health Care Listening Tour concentrating on the effects of Obamacare, releasing weekly endorsements, showing our grassroot strength or speaking before local committees, we continue to build great momentum...all thanks to your efforts!

Earlier this week, we traveled to Merrimack to join Representative Jeanine Notter on her show, Chattin’ with Jeanine. We discussed the Health Care Listening Tour and the Team Guinta record of success in Manchester cutting taxes, reducing spending and balancing budgets.

We also traveled to Dover to support the Strafford County Republican Committee, who kindly invited me to speak. It was a pleasure to be with such enthusiastic and energized activists determined to fight for New Hampshire’s future!

Our health care system cannot be run in this top down, government centered approach. We need to focus on free market principles, reforming tort law, increasing transparency and permitting small businesses to pool together to increase their ability to negotiate. These are just some of the solutions we can implement to finally drive down costs and increase access to health care for all Americans.

Tomorrow, I look forward to joining Jeff Chidester on WGIR to talk about a range of issues from the debt and deficit to the problems with our health care system

We have been humbled by the continued outpouring of support we receive at events across the District, in our phone calls to activists and on our tour seeking solutions for Granite Staters. I look forward to speaking with you in the days and months ahead!

Frank Guinta
Candidate for Congress