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With the Senate Medicaid Expansion Plan under consideration this week, we thought we’d share with you more opinions than just our own. First, we include a piece from James and Michael Sununu, business consultants and friends of the Bartlett Center, which makes the case for why this would be a bad policy and particularly at this time. Second is a more detailed piece from Maine. A respected policy leader in Maine details Maine’s own experience with Medicaid Expansion and why they have chosen not to repeat their mistake. The version includes many links to data and analysis so you need not take his word but can check the tape yourself. Finally, is my third piece in as many weeks on this issue which explains why this is no compromise and how a real compromise might still be possible if politicians were actually interested in one. I’m not sure they are.

Wrong Policy for New Hampshire at the Wrong Time

Michael and James Sununu

Politics and governing aren’t the same thing, but they are inevitably intertwined. As much as we would like otherwise, political considerations often drive policy decisions. 
Sometimes the repercussions are small.

In the pending decision over Medicaid expansion, however, the stakes are huge and it would be a serious mistake for Republicans in the state Senate to make this a political decision. The potential for the largest-ever expansion of state government should be considered only on the merits of “Is this good public policy?” Unfortunately, in the face of significant evidence that this policy will not work, it looks like the strongest driving force on this issue for the Senate GOP is that, politically, “we need to do something....
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Maine to NH: Don't Make Our Medicaid Mistakes

Kenneth Fredette, Maine House GOP Leader

When I heard that New Hampshire was considering an expansion of its Medicaid program under Obamacare, the first thought I had was a quote from Dante’s “Inferno ”: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

I say this as the Republican leader in the Maine House of Representatives and as someone who has served on my state’s Appropriations Committee, where we spent countless late nights trying to patch the Medicaid-induced leaks in our state budget after past expansions...
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A Real Medicaid Compromise is Still Possible

Charlie Arlinghaus

Some supporters of the Senate Medicaid Expansion Plan would have you believe the only two choices are their non-compromise and just saying no. As is typical, the reality is far more complicated. Most conservative opponents of the Senate’s Medicaid Expansion are more than willing to support a real compromise and have a more detailed knowledge of the plan and therefore its flaws than the public statements of some sponsors indicate they do...Click here to keep reading