NHDP - THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Scott Brown Reaffirms that He is an Oil Man

Two Years Ago Brown Voted…AGAIN…to Protect $24 Billion in Big Oil Tax Loopholes
Six Weeks Later, Big Oil Donates $25K to His Campaign
Over Two Weeks and Brown Still Won’t Sign People’s Pledge to Keep That Oil Money Out of NH Senate Race

  Concord, NH—This week marks the 2nd anniversary of ONE of Scott Brown’s MANY votes to protect tax loopholes for the Big Oil companies that bankroll his campaigns, making clear that he is the Big Oil candidate, willing to do anything to protect his flow of special interest money. It’s also been over two weeks since Senator Shaheen asked him to join her in signing the People’s Pledge to keep third party spending out of the race. Brown hasthus far declined, protecting Big Oil’s ability to inundate New Hampshire’s airwaves with negative ads that benefit their favorite ex-Senator.
The Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act, which Senator Jeanne Shaheen co-sponsored, would have finally put an end to the outrageous tax breaks for oil companies that Republicans have protected, putting that money towards investment in clean energy advancement. But Scott Brown helped to defeat that bill, defending his Koch Brother buddies rather than a better future for American families.
Six weeks after that vote, Brown received $25,000 in campaign contributions from oil companies, including $10,000 from ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and Exxon, which would have been subject.
“This anniversary is a great reminder for New Hampshire families that Scott Brown stands for Scott Brown and Big Oil, always willing to protect his buddies, the Koch Brothers, and the largest oil companies making record profits while working families struggle,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “We’ve seen his unwillingness to sign the People’s Pledge, and that’s because he wants to allow Big Oil companies and the Koch Brothers to continue to do his bidding and line his campaign coffers. And why wouldn’t they? Brown has proved that he will do whatever he has to do to protect the billions of dollars in taxpayer giveaways that Big Oil benefits from.”
The Koch Brothers have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and defeat Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Now, they’ve gotten their best buddy, Scott Brown, to move to New Hampshire to run. Not so fast, Scott—we haven’t forgotten. You’re an oil man.

2012: Brown Voted Against the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act that would have Closed $24 Billion in Tax Loopholes for 5 Biggest Oil Companies.  On March 29, 2012, Brown voted against a cloture motion on S.2204, the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act, a Menendez (D-NJ) sponsored bill that would have closed $24 billion in tax loopholes for the 5 biggest oil companies.  Of the total repealed, about $11.7 billion would be used for energy efficiency and renewable energy credits, and what’s left over would help pay down the federal deficit. The measure failed 51-47, with 4 Democrats voting against it and 2 Republicans voting for it.  [Vote 63,3/29/12; Bloomberg, 3/29/12]

·         Bill That Brown Opposed Would Have Ended “Lucrative Deductions” For The Oil Industry.  The Hill reported: “The plan would prevent major integrated oil companies from claiming deductions on certain drilling costs, strip their ability to claim a lucrative deduction on domestic manufacturing income that’s available to a suite of industries, and nix several other incentives as well.” [The Hill, 3/29/12]

·         WBUR: Brown Voted To Keep Incentives For Oil Companies Paying “Royalties To Foreign Governments.” “Massachusetts’ U.S. senators find themselves on opposite sides of a proposal to end a tax break for oil companies. Sen. John Kerry voted to end a filibuster on the measure. Sen. Scott Brown voted against ending debate, thereby preventing the measure from moving forward. The bipartisan proposal would have eliminated a tax deduction that oil companies can take when they pay royalties to foreign governments.” [WBUR, 3/29/12]

·         National Journal: Brown Opposed Bill That “Would Have Put The Money Saved From The Oil Industry Tax Breaks – About $4 Billion A Year – Toward Clean-Energy Tax Incentives.”  In a report on Brown’s vote against closing tax loopholes for oil companies, the National Journal said: “The Menendez bill would have put the money saved from the oil industry tax breaks—about $4 billion a year—toward expiring clean-energy tax incentives, including the production tax credit for wind, which is supported by some Republicans along with most Democrats, and a grant program for solar power, which is universally opposed by Republicans because it was created as part of Obama’s stimulus package.” [National Journal, 3/29/11]

·         BOSTON GLOBE: Brown “Foiled President Obama’s Plan To Strip $24 Billion In Tax Subsidies From The Country’s Largest Oil Companies.” “Senate Republicans, including Scott Brown of Massachusetts, today foiled President Obama’s plan to strip $24 billion in tax subsidies from the country’s largest oil companies, potentially fueling an election-year issue among voters disgruntled by escalating gas prices.” [Boston Globe3/30/12]

·         HEADLINE: Scott Brown Votes With Republicans Against Ending Tax Subsidies For Oil Industry. [Springfield Republican3/29/12]

·         MSNBC Said Brown “Toed The Party Line” In Oil Tax Vote.  According to MSNBC: “Vulnerable incumbents like Sens. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.) toed the party line on oil subsidies, and it seems likely that voters in Massachusetts and Nevada will be reminded of this morning's vote in the fall.” [MSNBC, 3/29/12]

·         Bill Would Have Ended Over $2 Billion In Annual Tax Subsidies for BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, ConocoPhillips. “The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), would target more than $2 billion in annual tax subsidies to the so-called Big Five oil companies — BP, Chevron Corp., Exxon Mobil Corp., Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips.”  [Los Angeles Times3/30/12]

Brown Voted To Keep $24 Billion In Oil Subsidies After API Ran Ads That “Called On Citizens” To Urge Brown To Keep The Subsidies.  The Springfield Republican reported: “U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., was among the GOP legislators who blocked the measure which would have curtailed tax-funded subsidies for several oil companies valued at $24 billion over a ten-year period. Earlier this week, the American Petroleum Institute ran ads in six states, including in Massachusetts where the group called on citizens to contact Brown and urge him to vote against dropping the subsidies.” [Springfield Republican, 3/29/12]

·         Brown “Voted Against” Eliminating Subsidies For Largest Oil Companies After Lobbying Group Ran Ads In Massachusetts.  According to the Associated Press: “The check is half the money spent by the oil and gas industry’s main lobbying group on ads urging voters to call Brown and ask him to reject legislation they said would raise taxes on energy producers. On Thursday Brown voted against a Senate measure opposed by the industry that would have ended $4 billion in tax subsidies to oil companies.” [AP, 4/3/12]

·         ABC News Said Oil Lobby Ran Ads On Behalf Of Brown.  According to ABC News: “After an oil lobbying group ran radio ads on his behalf, Brown was required to donate half the dollar amount spent on the ads to the charity of Warren’s choice under the stipulations of a pledge the two signed banning funding or advertisements from outside groups in their Senate race.” [ABC News, 4/2/12]

·         March 26: Oil Trade Group American Petroleum Institute Ran Ads That “Violate The Candidates’ Pledge.”  The Boston Globe reported: “US Senator Scott Brown’s aides said he will pay a charitable fine after Elizabeth Warren’s campaign claimed that ads run by a national oil industry group in Massachusetts violate the candidates’ pledge to mutually police advertising from outside political committees.  The radio and prints ads, paid for by the American Petroleum Institute, urge people to oppose a plan in Washington to hike taxes on energy companies.” [Boston Globe, 3/26/12]

o    Brown’s Campaign Paid $34,545 To Charity After The American Petroleum Institute Ads Violated The People’s Pledge – Half The Cost Of The Ads. According to The Boston Herald: “U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said he will write a check for $34,545 to charity after a series of radio ads by the American Petroleum Institute that the Elizabeth Warren campaign claimed violated a signed agreement over third-party ads between the two camps. The Brown campaign denied the ads violated the agreement because they were issue ads that weren’t covered under the original pact. The hefty figure is half the amount spent on radio ads that ran from March 24 to March 27, according to the Brown campaign.” [Boston Herald, 3/29/12]

Brown Received $24,500 From Oil And Gas Pacs In 6 Weeks Following 2012 Vote To Protect Big Oil’s Tax Breaks And Subsides; Received $10,000 From PACs Of Conoco Phillips, Chevron, Exxon:

Conocophillips Spirit PAC Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 5/16/2012 $1.000
Petroleum Marketers Association Of American\small Business Committee Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 5/14/2012 $2,000
Chevron Employees Political Action Committee - Chevron Corporation Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 5/4/2012 $2,500
Chevron Employees Political Action Committee - Chevron Corporation Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 5/4/2012 $2,500
American Petroleum Institute Political Action Committee (Api PAC) Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/27/2012 $2,500
Marathon Petroleum Corporation Employees Political Action Committee (Mpac) Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/27/2012 $2,500
Exxon Mobil Corporation Political Action Committee (Exxonmobil PAC) Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/25/2012 $2,500
Spectra Energy Corp Political Action Committee (Spectra-Dcp PAC) Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/25/2012 $3,000
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Political Action Committee Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/23/2012 $1,000
Halliburton Company PAC Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/20/2012 $1,000
Interstate Natural Gas Association Of America Political Action Committee Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/19/2012 $2,500
Conocophillips Spirit PAC Scott Brown For US Senate Committee Inc. 4/13/2012 $1,500
TOTAL $24,500

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