Innis For Congress - Dan Innis To Host Town Hall Meeting

Dan Innis To Host Town Hall Meeting At UNH


Manchester, NH - Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress in NH CD-1, will host a town hall style meeting at the University of New Hampshire. This event is free and open to the general public.

Any members of the media who wish to attend should contact the campaign office at 603-315-2934.

Who: Dan Innis, Republican candidate for Congress

What: Town Hall Meeting at UNH

When: Wednesday March 5, 5:00pm

Where: UNH Memorial Union Building, Theater 1

ICYMI: The New Hampshire

"Innis to return to UNH for campaign"


By Theo Brown

Ever since Dan Innis, former dean of the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, announced his candidacy for the New Hampshire 1st Congressional District last fall he has been exponentially busy. From op-eds published in the Union Leader to informational videos posted on YouTube and public radio interviews, the congressional contender is maintaining a constant media presence throughout the state.

However, Innis isn't the only one making sure citizens of New Hampshire are up to date on his policies and ideals.

On Wednesday, March 5 the UNH Students for Innis support coalition is holding a town hall meeting in MUB Theater 1, providing students and other members of the university community an opportunity to meet Innis, learn more about him and get more involved with his campaign. The coalition formed last October, shortly after Innis announced his candidacy.

Tim Quinney, president of UNH Students for Innis, said that the group's goal is two-fold.

"We want to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about Dan as a candidate, and we want to provide the mechanism for students to get involved with the campaign," Quinney said.

For Quinney, offering students the chance to work on a campaign is invaluable, no matter what your political stance may be.

"Every student makes up his or her own mind as to who they support and why," Quinney said. "If we can educate students about Dan Innis, then we are accomplishing our goal, and for that reason our events are open to everyone."

Membership in the coalition fluctuates. Currently, they have over 200 members on their Facebook group and hope to see numbers grow as they increase the frequency of events on campus.

In Quinney's eyes, the biggest obstacle Innis faces is educating the public on his platform.

"I believe that when voters meet Dan and learn about his message they will become supporters," Quinney said. "This is why we feel it is important to bring Dan to campus, we want to give students the opportunity to meet and learn more about Dan Innis."

Still, more hurdles and roadblocks lie on the road ahead. One topic of conversation and controversy surrounding Innis is the fact that he is openly gay. If elected, Innis could be the first openly gay Republican voted into Congress.

In an Associated Press interview, he stated that it was his husband who eventually persuaded him to run.

According to an article recently published by Washington Post, the former UNH dean is being backed by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund in his race against Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, if he defeats congressman Frank Guinta in the primary.

"Both Dan Innis and Richard Tisei [another openly gay congressional candidate] are viewed as visionary leaders that are voices for their constituencies," Torey Carter, the chief operating officer of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, said in the Post. "Their elections would shatter a glass ceiling for the Republican Party."

A poll conducted in October by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center revealed that Shea-Porter leads Innis43 percent to 32 percent in approval ratings. On the flip-side, Innis did win the New Hampshire Young Republicans straw poll that was administered just a few days after the UNH Survey Center reported their findings.

In a letter entitled "Why I'm Running For Congress," that can be found on his website, Innis outlines four major priorities as a congressional representative: organizing our fiscal house in Washington, limiting federal government, reforming the tax system and investing in the future of America. Although Innis has already made a mark in the worlds of business and education, only time will tell if he achieves his ambitions and spreads his influence into the political sphere as well.