- A huge win for property right

SolarCity skyrocketing stock dependent on government tax giveaways
These are boom times for SolarCity, the solar energy company backed by libertarian-leaning entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The company’s stock, initially offered at $8 a share in December 2012, is trading around $82 a share early Monday. And in a shareholder’s meeting last week, company officials said they’re bullish on the company’s future.
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Farmers win land-use fight; ‘food freedom’ next
Martha Boneta, a big-spirited small farmer, calls newly enacted land-use legislation a “landmark event” that will boost agricultural entrepreneurs in Virginia.
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University of Texas clout scandal grows as new e-mails surface
State Sen. Judith Zaffirini has made headlines twice in recent months for using her clout with University of Texas officials on behalf of well-connected applicants. Those stories reported e-mails that Zaffirini sent Dec. 3, 2010 and March 1, 2013.
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