CEI Today: CPAC's big tent, pension reform, union violence, and more

Thursday, March 6, 2014
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Human Events: CPAC’s big tent for the 80%

The movement is best positioned as a “Big Tent” when it emphasizes a powerful principle: Voluntarily helping your neighbor is always preferable to mandating a government program to do it for you. Conservatives must remember that, fundamentally, they fight for economic opportunity, individual liberty, and tearing down government-barriers to all of the above. > Read more

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A Special Openmarket.org Series:

Few people would raise their hands when asked that question. But actually putting a state’s financing on sound footing is difficult in practice. How pension reform is accomplished is as important as what the reforms entail.

How the “California Rule” Holds Back Pension Reform

To Enact Pension Reform, Make Good Policy Good Politics

Who Wants to See Their State Go Broke?

“The bill doesn’t come due until well after the legislators who wrote the check have left office”

> Interview Ivan Osorio


Workplacechoice.org: The Law Should Not Enable Union Violence

A general contractor is approached by a representative of a local union and told he “needed to hire a certain number of his guys.” When the contractor declines, union members proceed to destroy some of his equipment, including a forklift. The contractor doesn’t bother reporting the vandalism to police stating, “I didn’t think anything would happen.” Other employers, taking the threats seriously, hire the union members, who then perform little or no work. > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs




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