Guinta For Congress - Congresswomans Shea-Porter's Election Year Flip Flop

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to delay Obamacare's individual mandate, which requires every American buy health insurance or pay a fine. Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted in favor of this legislation after having voted against a similar bill last year.

Frank Guinta, Candidate for Congress, released the following statement:

“Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s stunning reversal of her full throated support for Obamacare is election year pandering at its worst. She supported Obamacare when she was at its bill signing in 2010. She supported Obamacare when 22,000 Granite Staters lost their health insurance. She supported Obamacare when 10 hospitals were excluded from Anthem’s exchange. She supported Obamacare when she previously voted against delaying the employer mandate, voted against delaying the individual mandate and voted against the repeal of the medical device tax.  And she supported Obamacare when the New York Times wrote an article about a middle class family from New Hampshire being hurt financially because of the law. This remarkable about face is an unquestionable result of consistent polling showing the majority of Granite Staters opposing Obamacare. Simply put, Carol Shea-Porter cannot be trusted to put the interests of her constituents ahead of her own political career.”