Manchester, N.H. –The New Hampshire Senate today voted 18--5 to pass Medicaid Expansion, an extension of Obamacare. Candidate for New Hampshire Governor, Andrew Hemingway is opposed to the legislation. Even the U.S Department of Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis notes that Medicaid Expansion will have a severe economic effect on New Hampshire.

“I am very disappointed in today’s vote in the New Hampshire Senate. This plan is simply wrong for New Hampshire. We have learned time and again that simply throwing more money at programs does not work in the long-term,” Hemingway said. “It is time we start looking at things differently. The real problem with Healthcare and Health insurance is the cost. That’s what we need to fix.”

Hemingway proposes the following to assist lower income people with health coverage:

o   A portion will go to offset tax incentives NH should provide to health insurance companies willing to move into the state. With no competition among insurance companies in NH, we are left with some of the highest premiums in the country. Competition will lower premium rates.

o   A portion of the fund should then go to increase the reimbursement rates to hospitals for Medicaid patients. Because of these low reimbursement rates, hospitals are passing the remaining costs onto other patients and insurance companies. This cycle will be reduced with higher reimbursement rates, thereby decreasing insurance costs.

“These are simple solutions, using existing money to open up the market and decrease insurance costs. That will allow more people to find affordable coverage. I believe in solutions. I do not believe that maintaining the same failed policies and just throwing in more money is the answer. As Governor, I will use innovative ideas to solve these problems. The Status Quo is not working,” said Hemingway.