Lambert For Congress - Ann Kuster: Washington politics over NH families

Gary Lambert for Congress

The House of Representatives passed legislation yesterday delaying the individual mandate within Obamacare. Congresswoman Ann Kuster flipped her stance and voted in favor of this bill, a clear attempt to distance herself from the destructive results of Obamacare during an election year.

Col. Gary Lambert, candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second District released the following statement:

“Congresswoman Ann Kuster continues to show her neglect of and disconnect with her constituency who time and time again have voiced opposition to Obamacare. She has continued to support legislation that forces Granite Staters to purchase lower quality health insurance that comes with hiked-up premiums and less options, care that they don’t want and cannot afford. Yesterday she flipped her support by voting to delay the individual mandate, a delay she voted against only months ago. Where was this support for middle class families when 22,000 Granite Staters lost coverage they liked, or when they found out they could no longer see their doctors, or that they would need to travel further to hospitals included in the network for basic care? It’s time for change; while Congresswoman Kuster plays election year politics, New Hampshire is struggling. She continues to show her inability to lead our state and her unwillingness to listen to her constituency."