DNC - Wanna keep track of which Republicans hit the 2016 early states?

Today, the Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic Parties launched a joint project to keep tabs on which GOP 2016ers come to their states. Their “2016 Early State GOP Bingo” card will let you notch squares for each time the Republican hopefuls tout their out-of-touch agenda or make an offensive remark about a chunk of the population ahead of the 2016 primaries and caucuses.

The two Democratic Parties are teaming up to highlight that more than 15 months after the 2012 elections, Republican candidates are still blocking progress. They’re defending their government shutdown, restricting women’s health care choices and pushing tax cuts for the wealthiest – the same out of touch rhetoric and policies voters already rejected.

You can track the bingo progress at iowademocrats.org/BINGO and at nhdp.org/bingo.