ALG's Daily Grind - Unions coming to college football?


March 31, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds granted.

Unions coming to college football?
If the Northwestern University football players had realized what they were litigating for, one suspects they just might wish they could get an instant replay reversal of the decision.

Has the time come for worldwide sugar subsidies to end?
A unique opportunity has emerged as Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Thailand, Canada, El Salvador, the European Union and the United States all complain to the WTO about massive sugar subsidies in India that threaten the world sugar market. Why not just end them all?

New Virginia law protects farmers from meddling local officials
Fauquier County officials forced family farmer Martha Boneta to cease selling produce from her own 64-acre farm, and so she took action and had Commonwealth law changed.

New York Sun: Lagarde's Waterloo
"The failure [on March 25] in the Senate the so-called "reform" of the International Monetary Fund is an encouraging moment. Senator Reid had tried to tie the scheme, a lunge for money, to the Ukraine rescue, but then retreated, saying the IMF part of it would not have been able to pass the House."