Brown For US Senate - MEMO: Unable To Defend Her Record, Jeanne Shaheen’s Plan Is To "Rip Brown To Shreds"

Yesterday the website Politico featured a story headlined “How Jeanne Shaheen plans to dismantle Scott Brown in New Hampshire.”  The article called Senator Shaheen "a cunning political operator" with a reputation for running "the nastiest campaigns you'll ever see." The article went on to report that her re-election strategy is to “rip Brown to shreds.” The article also disclosed that Shaheen recently came out of the field with a poll that tested a series of negative attacks against Brown.

This game plan is already beginning to take shape. Senator Shaheen's first ad of the campaign was characterized by the  Nashua Patch as an "attack radio spot against Brown" on issues related to campaign finance. This is a remarkably cynical approach for Shaheen to adopt against a person who is not even a formally declared candidate. For months, Scott Brown has been subjected to a wave of negative attacks from outside groups aligned with Shaheen.

The Shaheen strategy is clear: in order to distract voters from her support for Obamacare, as well as her record of voting with President Obama 99% of the time, she is going to throw up one smokescreen after another in an attempt to avoid discussing the issues.

Contrast Senator Shaheen's "rip Brown to shreds" campaign with the constructive and positive approach taken by Scott Brown in his "Main Streets and Living Rooms" tour, where he has engaged people on substantive issues. People that Scott Brown has met and listened to want a growing economy with more good jobs, a government that doesn't spend more than it takes in, an America that is respected again around the world and, most of all, a health care system that works for New Hampshire.

The entire Democratic political establishment, and all their affiliate groups, up to and including President Obama, who endorsed Shaheen's re-election by calling her a "terrific senator," will do whatever they can to return Jeanne Shaheen to the Senate. After all, she is a reliable rubber stamp for a national political agenda that may be good for President Obama and the Democratic Party, but which has hurt the people of New Hampshire.

Voters deserve better than Jeanne Shaheen’s slash-and-burn tactics. Rather than defend her record or offer solutions to the challenges facing our state and country, she’d rather tear down her opponent. Shaheen’s actions are disappointing, and a disservice to New Hampshire. Granite Staters deserve answers on the important issues of the day, like her support for Obamacare, not poll-tested negative attacks.