- Gun confiscation bill exposed

Activists blow cover on gun confiscation bill

A bill that passed the Vermont House without controversy is now in doubt after gun-rights advocates exposed provisions allowing police to take guns during domestic disputes.

“It’s a highly illegal confiscation bill,” Gun Owners of Vermont president Ed Cutler told Vermont Watchdog.

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NLRB complains Black Friday protesters went too far

Labor union members and protesters who stormed a Michigan Walmart on “Black Friday” in 2012 have landed in hot water with the National Labor Relations Board.

The NLRB has filed a complaint against Our Walmart, a so-called “workers center” group that organizes protests and claims to represent employees at the national big-box retailer, and the United Food and Commercial Workers labor union, which funds Our Walmart’s activities.

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School safety report shows better grades

Anti-bullying bills dominated the education headlines from the 2014 legislative session, yet an annual state report card on school safety shows student behavior is down on the list of disciplinary issues registered by Minnesota’s publicly funded schools.

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