Guinta For Congress - Listening Tour Finds Devastating Cuts to Seniors on Fixed Incomes

Team Guinta’s Health Care Listening Tour made its ninth stop this morning at Hanover Hill Health Care Center, a rehabilitation facility, and nursing home located in Manchester.

A tour of the facility was conducted, offering the chance to meet with the Lori Mcintire, the Administrator, as well as the President and CEO of the NH Health Care Association, John Poirer, and the President of Hanover Hill, Ted Lee, patients and staff.

Following the visit, Frank Guinta released this statement:

“ObamaCare’s devastating cuts to Medicare providers will detrimentally impact the ability of caregivers across the Granite State from offering the care patients have become accustomed to. Today, I heard that health care premiums have increased 30-40% for employees here and reimbursement rates have been cut, which will force them to reduce services or increase costs on the seniors living here on a fixed income.

Today’s visit was an important opportunity to hear about how we can best care for our parents and grandparents during and after their rehab from accidents or other incidents. I will always fight to protect and preserve Medicare and Social Security. Our word is our bond and we made a promise to our seniors that we must keep. As part of our Health Care Listening Tour we will continue to provide solutions to fix our broken health care system, reduce costs, and increase access to the care many in our society need.”