Freekeenenews - State Police Misinform in Their Release About My Arrest

Activist Arrested, State Police Misinform As to Why

The NH State Police claim I acquired "multiple identifications" in their misleading press release.  The truth is that at no point did I have more than one ID from the state of New Hampshire, and they know that.  For full details on my arrest from yesterday, please see this post at Free Keene, and here are the warrants, charging documents, and bail paperwork.

In short, the state police are accusing me of "unsworn falsification" and "prohibitions" claiming I used a "false" or "fraudulent" name on the driver's license application, which I did not knowingly do.  Essentially, they are trying to put me in jail for two years (two class A misdemeanors) for filing papers in the wrong order.

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Ian Freeman