ALG's Daily Grind - CBS sticks thumb in America's eye


April 14, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted.

CBS sticks thumb in America's eye
This past few weeks, CBS has made two decisions that have the potential to send the network into an unrecoverable tailspin. Sharyll Atkisson, the journalist who pushed the Fast and Furious and Benghazi stories forward with unflinching honesty providing CBS News with rare credibility in mainstream America, is now a free agent as the network decided to move on without her hard hitting, apolitical reporting. Then, faced with NBC's fresh-faced Jimmy Fallon, of Saturday Night Live fame, CBS had its choice of potential late night hosts, and they rapidly settled upon Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

Democrats and Republicans agree — Obama can't be trusted
Republicans and Democrats in Congress needed to step up and vote unanimously on a common sense bill preventing a known Iranian terrorist (and participant in the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis) from being an Iranian diplomat to the United States, proving that nobody in Washington trusts Barack Obama to make the most basic foreign policy decisions on behalf of American interests.

End the international sugar subsidies for Big Candy
The National Confectioners Association projects that Easter candy sales are projected to be up to a whopping $2.26 billion this year—but what is truly good news for those who convert sugar into delectable treats, is bad news for those who through their own blood and sweat grow sugar in the United States.

Democrats wage war on women's intelligence
David Freddoso argues that Democrats are waging a war on the intellect and honor of women.