AFP - These numbers are crazy!

In the spirit of tax season and March Madness, we launched our Pork-Barrel Spending Tournament yesterday to highlight all the ridiculous, wasteful spending that government pays for with your hard-earned tax dollars.

Thousands of AFP activists voted in the Swine Sixteen, and we've tallied the numbers!

Here are the pork-laden government spending programs that have advanced to the next round of voting -- the Extravagant Eight:

- TSA employees' $18 million unearned raise vs. $105 million loan to build an aquarium in Brazil

- $70 million in bonuses for IRS employees vs. $6.7 million on lavish General Services Administration conferences in Vegas

- $528 million loan to manufacture defective electric cars vs. $56 million on hundreds of conferences for the Dept. of Health & Human Services

- EPA's $28 million studies on swine manure vs. $34 million to build a fancy new military HQ in Afghanistan that no one is using


>> Vote TODAY to choose which wasteful spending programs should advance to the next round and come another step closer to being crowed Americans for Prosperity's official 2014 Champion of Pork!

We'll announce the next round of winners tomorrow.

Talk to you soon,

Americans for Prosperity

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, April 12th. Want to take your activism to the next level and help us with our efforts to cut wasteful government spending? Stay tuned -- we'll be in touch with more information later this week.