CEI Today: OK to lie about climate change?, union decertification, driverless cars, and more

Friday, April 25, 2014
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Globalwarming.org: Does a Recent Peer-Reviewed Study Say It’s Okay to Lie about Climate Change?

Does a recent science paper say it’s okay to lie about climate change if that’s what it takes to ratify climate treaties? No. But the study is quite silly, going to heroic mathematical lengths to prove what most of us learned on the playground: liars can win friends and influence people — until they get caught. > Read more

> See also: Carter-Obama Energy Policy: From Gasoline Lines to Pipeline Obstructionism

> Interview Marlo Lewis



Workplacechoice.org: California Labor Board Obstructing Farm Workers Union Decertification Bid

Outdated labor law has led to the problem of inherited unions. Research done by the Center for Union Facts has found that less than 10 percent of employees actually voted for their union representation. > Read more

> Interview Trey Kovacs


Report: Driverless Cars, Innovation, and Regulation: Let’s Not Mess it Up


Why should you care about automated vehicle regulation? The short answer: bad regulation has the potential to kill. One of the biggest risks is getting the rules wrong and unnecessarily delaying consumer availability and/or increasing the prices faced by consumers. If automated vehicles are indeed safer than current manually driven vehicles, any delay or price increase means consumers will be stuck driving more dangerous vehicles. > Read more

> Interview Marc Scribner

April 23, 2014: Reforming Fannie and Freddie

Senior Fellow John Berlau argues that a bill from Senators Tim Johnson and Mike Crapo intended to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would only make things worse.





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