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Shaheen's Shady Super PAC Coordination Scheme On Full Display With Latest Dishonest Ad


Concord - In a development that will shock nobody, Senator Harry Reid's Super PAC released another dishonest ad today that uses phony political attacks posted on Senator Shaheen's campaign website. The Washington Post yesterday called Shaheen's attempt to disregard federal election laws and manage the political messaging of outside organizations supporting her campaign "a new level of brazenness." The ad, backed by a $212,000 television buy, began airing on WMUR-TV this morning.


"It is obvious that after railing against outside money, Senator Shaheen is trying to undermine federal election law and coordinate with Harry Reid's dishonest outside money group. Shaheen's brazen hypocrisy is shameful and raises troubling ethical questions about her campaign," said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. "Granite Staters are smart enough to see though Senator Shaheen's phony rhetoric and realize that she is a desperate Washington politician trying to distract from her record of voting with President Obama 99 percent of the time."


This week, the Shaheen campaign posted dishonest talking points targeting a New Hampshire Republican senate candidate. Under the headline, "An important message for New Hampshire," the Shaheen campaign also posted a suggested script for an attack ad and a link to stock images of Senator Shaheen.


The ad released by the Senate Majority PAC today adopts the same messaging used on Shaheen's website and even includes an identical citation from her talking points.


Washington Democrats telegraph information they want included in Senate Majority PAC ads using the same "important message" code wording that Shaheen used.


On April 11th, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) Deputy Executive Director Matt Canter tweeted "Impt msg for NC voters," followed by a link to dishonest talking points attacking a Republican candidate challenging North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan. On April 15th, the Washington Post reported that Senate Majority PAC released an ad parroting the dishonest talking points.


On April 7th, DSCC Press Secretary Justin Barasky tweeted "IMPORTANT MESSAGE FORARKANSANS" followed by dishonest talking points targeting Congressman and Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton. On April 16th Senate Majority PAC released an ad that mirrored the "important message" communicated by the DSCC.