Testerman For US Senate - Patriots or Domestic Terrorists

CONCORD, NH-Karen Testerman, candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire issued the following statement


"One day our fellow New Hampshire citizens will return from Nevada and standing in support of Clive Bundy and his family on their ranch. God willing they will each return to their homes safe and unharmed, having achieved their goal to aid another American trying to protect the property and livelihood his family has continually labored to achieve over the years. The question that remains is will our boys return as Patriots or as "Domestic Terrorists?"  To me the answer is obvious.  Each one of these fine, brave New Hampshire sons is a true American exercising his rights as provided in our Constitution's First Amendment.


"The outlandish decision by the senior ranking Senator, Harry Reid, to label these men as "Domestic Terrorists," and unrepentantly maintaining this stance, has increased the demand that our New Hampshire elected officials take a position to call and treat these sons as Patriots, or to denounce them as "Domestic Terrorists."


"Will you, our New Hampshire elected officials, recognize them for their sacrifice to stand strong for what they believe?  Will you welcome them home with heart felt pride for a job well done?


"I entered this year's U.S. Senate race because I believe the central government is over reaching it's authority into the daily lives of our families, by over taxing and over regulating the citizens to the point where our liberties are becoming non-existent.  The latest attempt by the mainstream media to detract from the underlying problem and to portray Mr. Bundy as a racist reinforces my belief that the central government is out of control. 


"The over reaction of force through federal agents in a civil matter is an abuse of Power that is reinforced by the arrogance of Mr. Reid.  He must be held accountable. 


"Mr. Reid, it is time to apologize to these patriots and to all Americans. Mrs. Shaheen, don't you agree?"