The controversial Gosnell film project has just overtaken the total raised by celebrity film director Spike Lee as it moves towards becoming one of the most successful crowdfunded films in history.

Gosnell, a TV drama on the Philadelphia abortion doctor who is America's most prolific serial killer, has now raised over $1,430,000. Director Spike Lee attracted enormous publicity last year when he raised $1,418,910 for his crowdfunded Vampire film. He collected the money from 6,421 backers.
However the Gosnell Movie has beaten Lee's total in a shorter period of time with over twice the number of backers. The filmmakers have raised the money from almost 15,000 backers. (www.GosnellMovie.com)
Gosnell is the most successful movie campaign ever to be on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo and after overtaking Spike Lee's goal, it is now the third most popular movie ever to be crowdfunded. Lee's movie was funded on the alternative crowdfunding site Kickstarter.
Kermit Gosnell was convicted of the murder of several live and viable babies at his clinic. It is thought that over a 40 year killing spree he murdered thousands of infants. Kermit Gosnell is currently serving several life sentences.
His case became controversial after the trial received almost no media coverage - and sparked allegations of a media coverup because the case shone a spotlight on abortion.
Producer Ann McElhinney said the record breaking success of the Gosnell Movie was a testament to the thousands of small donors who wanted the truth to be told.
"We have a huge number of small contributors giving to make sure the truth is not censored," she said.
Producer Phelim McAleer said their overtaking Spike Lee's total showed that the media often picked people and causes they want to promote and people and causes they want to ignore.
"Spike Lee had enormous publicity and he is a darling of the critics and the mainstream media but yet he could only get 6000 people to contribute to his film. We are not celebrities but have managed to raise more in a shorter period of time with over two and a half times as many backers. It shows that there is a demand for these type of powerful stories to be told."
Producer Magdalena Segieda said they were grateful to all those who contributed.
"We have had incredibly moving emails from people urging us to make this film. This has been reflected in the contributions."
More information on the Gosnell Movie crowdfunding campaign can be found at www.gosnellmovie.com