NHDP - Brown Renews Allegiance to Big Oil and Wall Street

On First Statewide Television Appearance, Brown Renews Allegiance to Big Oil and Wall Street
NHDP: Looks Like the Only Thing Brown is Consistent On Is His Loyalty to Out-of-State Special Interests

Concord, NH—Today, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown appeared on WMUR’s CloseUp in an apparent attempt to rewrite history. In fact, over the course of just fifteen minutes, Brown doubled down on his allegiance to Big Oil (7:20), misled voters on his record, and endorsed the health care law he wants to repeal.
“This morning, Brown proved that he is the phony that we know him to be by saying one thing when he has done another. Not to mention that he doubled down on his support for Big Oil and his questionable fundraising speaking trips for Wall Street—this is what we got from Scott Brown today in a matter of fifteen minutes,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “For someone whose Senate run is based on repealing the ACA, Scott Brown also failed to articulate an alternative on health care, but did somehow manage to endorse every key tenet of the law. Figure that out.Description: https://ci3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/8CBWEZYl_gju-O0mEKjDNw0Eh_qIbYUu1oZBKfZqOypmLO1gU9NfBBUnKK5HrwoN-VKG8iQn_PvQpZDlbxq0IwVL9dQOy_HcGJ0=s0-d-e1-ft#https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
“It’s a shame that on Brown’s first statewide television appearance, he couldn’t give New Hampshire voters a single straight answer—except for that Brown would still go to bat for Big Oil, giving them millions in tax breaks while he, undoubtedly, rakes in campaign cash in return. Scott Brown has a real mess to clean up after today, because Granite State families got a chance to see his true colors.”
Highlights from Brown’s Appearance on WMUR's CloseUp:
·      Brown denies running for President, despite reports and trips to Iowa saying otherwise (3:05).
·      Brown says women should make their own health care decisions, yet he co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment to take choices away from women and put them in the hands of their bosses (4:43).
·      Brown can’t articulate an alternative to the Affordable Care Act in any coherent fashion. But he did manage to endorse every key tenet of the law that he is set on repealing (10:38 and 11:57).
·      Brown says he won't sign the People's Pledge because money has already been spent in this race, but $3 million was spent in Massachusetts already when Brown came up with the People's Pledge (12:35).