Testerman For US Senate - Fight Just Beginning

CONCORD, NH-Karen Testerman, candidate for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire issued the following statement


My Fellow New Hampshire Patriots:


The fight is just beginning to vindicate each of our co-patriots who have gone to Nevada to exercise their right to assemble, their right to free speech as secured in our Constitutional First Amendment.  As citizens of this free land we cannot and shall not allow our leaders to cast unfounded derogatory dispersions on our brave men and women doing nothing more than speaking their support of a fellow citizen and peacefully demonstrating their displeasure with the sitting power in Washington.


Mr. Reid, I ask you once again to openly apologize to each of our New Hampshire citizens who were exercising their rights to free speech and peacefully assemble, for labeling them "Domestic Terrorists."   It is unconscionable for you to demonstrate such outright contempt for those who do not fall in lock step with you and the current regime in D.C.


Mr. Reid, your arrogance is offensive.  Please, show the dignity and respect due the office you hold by recognizing the rights of our citizens and issuing a personal apology to our New Hampshire citizens.


And, Mrs. Shaheen, why are you silent? Again, please stand up and represent your fellow citizens of New Hampshire.  Speak up for these New Hampshire patriots, or is your silence a statement of approval of Mr. Reid's statement? 


It is time for those elected officials who were sent to serve us, the law-abiding, hard working men and women of America, to take action for "we the people."