NHDP - ICYMI: NHGOP Insults Women Again…And Again…And Again

GOP State Rep Says Women Are Paid Less Because They Are Less Motivated
Former NHGOP Chair Compares Jeanne Shaheen to Betty Crocker Cake Mix
@NHGOP Suggests Shaheen Isn’t A Hockey Fan Because She’s A Woman


Concord, NH— New Hampshire Republicans are insulting women, again, and again, and again with sexist rhetoric pulled from the 1950s. 
“It’s 2014, and yet the New Hampshire Republican Party is still peddling sexist comments straight out of the 1950s," said Julie McClain, New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director. “The New Hampshire Republican Party is insulting every woman inour state, hockey fans, working women, moms, seniors, all of us."
In case you had trouble keeping track of it all from the last seven days, here is a recap: 
First, State Representative Will Infantine claimed on the NH State House floor: “Men by and large make more because of some of the things they do…They don’t mind working nights and weekends. They don’t mind working overtime, or outdoors in the elements.”
Then Former NHGOP Chair Fergus Cullen published an op-ed in the Union-Leader comparing Senator Shaheen to Betty Crocker cake mix saying, “the first couple times, Betty Crocker’s cake mix is great. But after a while, it’s just another box on the shelf and you’re ready to try something else."
Finally, the New Hampshire GOP launched an offensive twitter rant accusing Senator Shaheen, a former college basketball player who coached her daughters’ sports teams, and still cheers her grandchildren who play hockey, of not being a genuine sports fan because she is a woman. 
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You don’t know the first thing about hockey. Spare us the staff authored tweets RT ‪@JeanneShaheen: Congrats to‪@NHLBruins on big win today
And this was the reaction they got:
Boston.com: NH State Rep: Women Deserve Less Pay Than Men 
"New Hampshire State Representative Will Infantine incensed fellow lawmakers when he suggested that the wage gap exists because women don’t work as hard as men do."

CosmoGOP Representative Mansplains Why Women Make Less
"OK, what? How are men's jobs "riskier?" Does everyone with a penis automatically earn their money by off-roading in the Australian wilderness and wrestling rabid wombats? And for the record, even if that WERE true, I'd want to get in on it. "

Huffington Post: GOP Lawmaker Says Women Don't Deserve Equal Pay Because They're Lazier
"New Hampshire state Rep. Will Infantine (R) explained that the pay gap between men and women stems from the fact that men work harder, take riskier jobs and are “more motivated by money” during a House speech Wednesday against the state’s paycheck equity bill."
Huffington Post: New Hampshire GOP Has The Crankiest Twitter Account Ever
"Can't a senator congratulate her local sports team...?"
Boston Globe: The N.H. GOP Takes Hockey Very, Very Seriously
"The official Twitter account for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee writes they are “fighting for #jobs, limited government and the #NH advantage. They also get really, really mad when people pretend to like sports."
Boston.com: N.H. Dems: GOP Tweet to Shaheen on Bruins ‘Sexist’
“The NH Republicans didn’t leave it at that, going on to call Shaheen a “faux-sports fan,” and “phony” while referencing a couple of sports blunders made by former Mass. Democratic Sen. John Kerry.”
Twitter also reacted:
Andrew Kaczynski@BuzzFeedAndrew Apr 26
NH Republican Party really elevating the political debate: pic.twitter.com/dl89w7k4xj
Sam SteinVerified @samsteinhp Apr 27
The NH GOP twitter account is either run by a huge Bruins fanatic or a absurdly partisan attack dog. https://twitter.com/NHGOP/status/460193790058192898 …

EMILY's List ‏@emilyslist Apr 28
Area Senator tweets congratulations to her winning hockey team, @NHGOP flips out http://bit.ly/1nWeD2a
Boston.com ‏@BostonDotCom Apr 28
Wow. The @NHGOP gets a lot madder than you'd think when folks pretend to like sports: http://www.boston.com/news/local/new-hampshire/2014/04/27/the-gop-takes-hockey-very-very-seriously/D9JLzWjdV7i6Beg6Q8A3yI/story.html …pic.twitter.com/VdJjdOhlB7
Laura Bassett@LEBassett Apr 25
Another blatantly sexist op-ed about a woman candidate! This one calls Sen. Jeanne Shaheen "Betty Crocker."http://www.unionleader.com/article/20140425/OPINION02/140429346 …
sarahlane @sarahlaneSF Apr 25
Whoa, super sexist op-ed at @UnionLeader refers to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen as Betty Crocker: bit.ly/1kcYmoC h/t @LEBassett