American Principles In Action - Steve Forbes Endorses Centennial Monetary Commission

Dear Monetary Policy Observer,

The Centennial Monetary Commission has received a major endorsement by Steve Forbes.  In an insightful Forbes column this month, Forbes named the Commission as one of two steps needed to reform the Federal Reserve and revitalize economic growth.  From the article:

– Pass the Brady-Cornyn bill. This legislation would create a commission to examine monetary policy–where it is currently and where it should go. We need to take a thorough, thoughtful look at the record, from the time the Fed was created just over a century ago to today. We also need to consider basic reforms–including implementing a new gold standard–even if they violate the reigning orthodoxy. Congressman Kevin Brady (R–Tex.) and Senator John Cornyn (R–Tex.) have taken great care that such a study be carried out by key members of Congress and knowledgeable individuals representing various schools of thought.

The growing support for this bill reflects the understanding that getting monetary policy right is vital to equitable prosperity.  We will continue to provide you with updates on developments regarding this important legislation. 


Nicholas Arnold
American Principles In Action