NCMHR - URGENT ACTION ALERT: Tell your Representative no on HR 3717!



Call your Representative NOW (click the envelope to find their phone number).


Why call NOW? The Murphy bill is picking up steam fast:


Ø  More Representatives are signing on—especially Democrats.

Ø  Yesterday’s tragic shooting at Fort Hood could make more Representatives sign on, for the wrong reasons.

Ø  hearing at 10:30 ET today will promote HR 3717 and vilify people in recovery.


Please Make this call NOW and leave the following message:


“I am (name, city). Tell my Representative NOT to cosponsor HR 3717, the Murphy mental health bill. It would hurt people like me, not help us. This Bill discriminates against people with mental illness.  It strips our rights and protections against abuse.  It increases forced psychiatric treatment that is traumatizing, criminalizing and scares people from seeking help.  It ends grants that help the most vulnerable people in our district. It will NOT make our community safer.”


(Leave your phone number if you want a return call.)


Please call your Representative TODAY. Your voice counts if you make the call!


Thank You. Share Widely


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