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NHDP - Koch Brothers, Big Oil, & Wall Street Special Interests Succeed in Getting Their Buddy Scott Brown to Run For Senate in NH

Koch Brothers, Big Oil, & Wall Street Special Interests Succeed in Getting Their Buddy Scott Brown to Run For Senate in NH
Brown Still Refusing to Keep Third Party Special Interest Money Out of Race by Signing People’s Pledge
Three Weeks After He Launched a Short-Lived and Gaffe-Plagued “Exploratory Committee” and Tour of NH—Brown Decides He Knows Enough About NH Families to Run for Senate
Concord, NH—This morning, a mere three weeks after launching a short-lived and gaffe-plagued “exploratory committee” and tour of New Hampshire to “learn” about New Hampshire families, three and a half months after moving to the Granite State, and three months since the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove started pouring money into negative ads benefiting him, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has announced that he will run for Senate in New Hampshire.
“Scott Brown is for Scott Brown. He moved to New Hampshire and aligned himself with the third party special interest groups trying to buy New Hampshire’s Senate seat. Then he embarked on a relentlessly negative statewide tour, in which he avoided answering questions about the People’s Pledge, bashed the Affordable Care Act, only to be told by a fellow Republican that it was a ‘financial lifesaver,’ and then told a reporter that he probably did not have the best credentials 'cause, you know, whatever,’” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley. “What we know is that Scott Brown has a record of protecting Big Oil tax breaks and Wall Street special interests—the same special interests that have already poured over $1.5 million into this race to defeat a candidate who is actually fighting for New Hampshire families—Jeanne Shaheen. He offers no plans or solutions, only the same negative and nasty Republican attacks.”
Buckley added, “Today’s announcement is no surprise—Scott Brown is working with the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove to get elected in New Hampshire so that he can do their bidding again in the United States Senate. Well, Granite Staters know and deserve better. We know who puts our interests first, and that is the woman who raised her family in New Hampshire, taught in our schools, served three terms as Governor, and is now working for us in Washington, and that is Jeanne Shaheen.”

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