ALG's Daily Grind - Obamacare repealed, for some


April 30, 2014

Permission to republish original opeds and cartoons granted. 

Obamacare repealed… for some
Every time Obamacare is repealed for societal elites and special interests, another powerful opponent to the law is appeased, serving as a functional loss to the national coalition of Americans determined to see the law abolished.

Fall of Conservative Party in UK sounds warning to GOP
UK Independence Party jumps into lead for European parliamentary elections, Conservatives drop into third place. Could the GOP be replaced here, too?

Washington Examiner: Watchdogs want more answers about DHS inspector general's abuse of power
Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens calls the White House to account for pressuring the Department of Homeland Security acting Inspector General to falsify reports that were damaging to the Obama administration.