NHDP - Walt Havenstein Calls for Return to Devastating Cuts of Bill O'Brien Tea Party Legislature

Havenstein's Push for Deep Cuts Would Hurt New Hampshire Families And Economy
Concord, NH-- In a press release earlier today, Maryland multi-millionaire Walt Havenstein made clear that when it comes to the state budget, he is following the example of disgraced former speaker Bill O'Brien and wants to return to the devastating cuts that voters rejected in 2012.

Havenstein called for the same devastating cuts to vital state programs in order to resolve the Medicaid Enhancement Tax issue, which is a direct result of the O'Brien Legislature's enormous cut to hospitals. This is yet another example of the out of touch candidate from Maryland siding with the radical O'Brien Tea Party wing and against the priorities of Granite Staters. 

"Once again, Maryland multimillionaire Walt Havenstein has shown that he sides with the far-right Tea Party, and against the people of New Hampshire. In 2012, Granite State voters overwhelmingly rejected Bill O'Brien and his radical Tea Party allies because their devastating cuts undermined New Hampshire's economy and the well-being of Granite State families," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. "Now, Walt Havenstein wants to take us back to the slash-and-burn approach that resulted in the largest cut to higher education in U.S. history, the defunding of crucial community health services, and drastic cuts to public safety 
"Walt Havenstein needs to come clean with Granite Staters about what he wants to cut," continued McClain. "Will he follow Bill O'Brien's lead and cut off funds to CHINS? Will he undermine improvements to our mental health system? Does Havenstein want to reinstate the deep cuts to higher education that loaded New Hampshire students with debt? Havenstein continues to make it clear that the people of New Hampshire can't trust him to protect our priorities."


MET Ruling A Result Of O'Brien Legislature's Drastic Cut To Hospitals: The prior 2011-2012 Legislature ended the uncompensated care program for the state largest hospitals and drastically reduced the money the smaller hospitals had been receiving. [Union Leader, 4/11/14]

O'Brien Budget Cut Countless Vital Programs To The Bone: O'Brien budget  severely cut essential health services for the elderly and disabled, gutted the state's college education system, and instead provided corporate tax giveaways to big tobacco companies. (HB1, Roll Call #228, 6/22/2011)

O'Brien Budget Cut Funding To CHINS: O'Brien budget cut funding for the Children in Need of Services (CHINS) program which provides care, treatment, guidance, counseling, discipline, supervision, and rehabilitative resources to help children and their families be productive, contributing members of society. (HB2, Roll Call #143, 3/30/2011)