Testerman For US Senate - Break a Finance Pledge vs. Slander NH Patriots

Break a Finance Pledge vs. Slander NH Patriots...or Both


CONCORD, NH - Candidate for U.S. Senate, Karen Testerman posed the question to her fellow New Hampshire patriots, "What appears worse, Jeanne Shaheen breaking her pledge on campaign financing, or standing by her Senate leader, Harry Reid to slander the names and reputations of our native sons?  To me, both are inexcusable.


"We need to put an end to the business as usual atmosphere that exists in Washington.  Our current elected officials believe they are above question or accountability for their actions and wordsI


"Will you join me this May 15th to demand an apology from Harry Reid for his outrageous remarks calling our New Hampshire patriots, "Domestic Terrorists," and for Jeanne Shaheen for not coming to their defense by denouncing Harry Reid."


"Once again, we find yet one more act of disrespect from Jeanne Shaheen.   She won't honor the promises she made and expects others to keep.  How long will the list of broken promises be by the 15th?"