Franklin Center - Shield law misunderstands the nature of journalism

Chuck Schumer’s shield law misunderstands the nature of journalism

After disturbing revelations last year that the Department of Justice was treating the privacy of U.S. citizens with the disdain it once reserved for enemies of the state, hopes were briefly raised that Congress would finally get around to legislating some long overdue protections for journalists. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently announced that the Senate has the votes to pass a media shield law to do so.

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Maria Bartiromo’s Debut Is Another Win For Fox

The most successful businesses have one thing in common–they’re never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly looking for ways to deliver a better product. Take Fox News Channel, the undisputed ratings king of cable news that has been on a run of nearly-uninterrupted Nielsen dominance for almost a decade. Just as no business can sit at the top of the heap for 8 years without evolving, Fox knows that it needs to continue to hire the best available talent and reinvigorate its lineup to keep viewers tuning in.

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A Note From Our President

Dear Reader,

The U.S. Senate is poised to pass a bill that will extend legal protections to a narrow class of reporters. In the eyes of the government, a "journalist" is an employee of a legacy media outlet. But we know better! Journalism is a public service that anyone can perform. It's about researching facts, asking questions, and reporting the truth to your fellow citizens. Instead of erecting arbitrary barriers between journalists, the government should be protecting anyone willing to take up this cause--no matter who they are or where they work.

Best regards,

Jason Stverak
Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity

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