Garcia For Congress - Marilinda Garcia Statement on Democratic Negative Attack Ads

Salem, NH (4/3/2014) – The Marilinda Garcia for Congress campaign released the following statement in response to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s new negative ad campaign.

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is showing early desperation by going negative and making baseless accusations about Marilinda Garcia’s record.  The Democratic Party cannot defend Ann Kuster’s record of supporting Obamacare’s tax hikes, dropped insurance coverage, and increased premiums, so they’re literally making up attacks against Marilinda out of thin air,” said campaign manager Tom Szold.

“For Democrats to say Marilinda supports the recently announced U.S. House Budget Committee proposal simply is not true.  While Marilinda appreciates many of the efforts in the U.S. House Budget Committee proposal to reform government and reduce spending, there are many aspects of this budget that, if in Congress, Marilinda Garcia would want to see changed.  Marilinda Garcia has a record of independence and of putting the needs of New Hampshire before party politics,” continued Szold.

“Marilinda’s vision for economic growth is built on empowering the middle class by alleviating the financial and regulatory burden that has been placed on working Americans.  Marilinda’s agenda of opportunity for all New Hampshire families is obviously not a topic Ann Kuster wants to discuss, so unfortunately she and her allies have resorted to dishonest attacks,” said Szold.