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Congresswoman Kuster leaves Granite Staters out in the cold

Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) has been a Member of Congress for over 400 days. During that time, her office hasn't hosted a single Town Hall meeting to give all of her constituents the opportunity to address the many important issues facing the citizens of New Hampshire's Second Congressional District.


This week, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released a web video where we tried to ask Congresswoman Kuster why she won't meet with her constituents.

Click HERE to watch it.


The video highlights the arrogance of Congresswoman Kuster and her supporters regarding her refusal to meet with all of her constituents. In addition to Congresswoman Kuster blatantly ignoring the question, one supporter who gets into the same car as her, rudely screams into the camera. 


Afterwards, another supporter of Congresswoman Kuster and Senator Jeanne Shaheen mocks the Granite Stater holding the camera for having to stand outside in the cold rather than being able to attend a partisan event where he was not allowed inside.


While Congresswoman Annie Kuster attends fundraisers and partisan events where only her supporters can attend, she continues to turn a blind eye to the rest of her constituents. That's wrong. It has been over 400 days since Congresswoman Kuster assumed office. In that time, we find it hard to believe that she hasn't found the time to host a single Town Hall meeting. 


In addition, the blatant and unapologetic rudeness of Congresswoman Kuster's supporters and friends is inexcusable. Residents of the Second Congressional District deserve to know that instead of meeting with them in a Town Hall, she would rather take advice and council from individuals like these.


RedState: "Rep. Annie Kuster (D, NH-02) hates town halls, likes being rude"

Along with and, the national conservative blog covered the video we released on Congresswoman Kuster refusing to hold Town Hall meetings.

You can click HERE to read what Moe Lane from RedState had to say about our congresswoman and the rude antics of those whom she surrounds herself with.
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Using the grassroots to hold our elected officials accountable
Some dedicated Granite Staters from AFP-NH and Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire visited Congresswoman Kuster's district office this week to hold her accountable for refusing to hold Town Hall meetings to speak with her constituents. 

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