Rubens For US Senate - Liberty Activists Endorse Jim Rubens

Grassroots supporters continue to rally behind candidate with bold ideas

The Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign today announced another large group of grassroots supporters who have officially endorsed Jim Rubens' candidacy. These endorsements -- combined with his earlier State Representative, Second Amendment and leadership endorsements -- demonstrate diverse, rapidly growing, and broad-based support for Jim Rubens.

These endorsements effectively turn the GOP primary into a two-person race.

Jim Rubens reacts to this latest round of public supporters:

"These endorsements show that New Hampshire voters want a committed conservative who will advance liberty and bring thoughtful solutions to Washington. Voters want a candidate with a proven track record of showing how liberty can improve lives and increase prosperity. My charter school law provides choice for parents, diversity of education opportunities, higher academic performance for children, and lower costs for taxpayers. I launched debate over electricity choice and competition that has saved New Hampshire ratepayers millions.

"These distinguished activists recognize that the federal government has become a threat to freedom, spying on our emails and telling us which doctors and hospitals we can use.

"It's time to replace business as usual Washington career politicians like Jeanne Shaheen. She voted for Dodd-Frank, leaving the too-big-to-fail banks bigger than ever and the taxpayer once again on the hook for their failure. She voted for Obamacare that will drive up US healthcare costs and result in eventual government takeover of one-sixth of the US economy. She voted to increase national debt by over $7 trillion. She supports NSA spying on millions of innocent citizens. Her vote for a Syria bombing war would have sucked us into yet another Mideast military quagmire with no benefit to US national security."

• Tom Barton, Washington
• Jenn Coffey, Andover
• Aaron Day, Bedford
• Sam Eaton, Enfield
• Fmr. Sen. Jim Forsythe, Strafford
• Deb Johnson, Concord
• George Johnson, Weare
• Rep. George Lambert, Litchfield
• Ron Noyes, Contoocook
• Matt Philips, Bedford
• Eric Schlelen, Hudson
• Jason Sorens, Lebanon
• Bill Walker, Plainfield

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