CEI Today: Senate vote on jobless benefits, civil liberties in climate change alarmism, and EPA's big numbers

Monday, April 7, 2014
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The Competitive Enterprise Institute will score the Senate votes on jobless benefits. A final vote on the bill is scheduled for Monday. But if Congress wants to actually help people get back to work, it should champion policies that remove all the red tape from job creation and economic growth.  Extending jobless benefits beyond the norm of 26 weeks is a disservice to America’s economy.

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> Interview Aloysius Hogan



Globalwarming.org: True Conspiracy Theory: The Green Assault on Civil Liberties

Evidence is mounting that environmentalists both prominent and plebeian are all-too willing to forsake my civil liberties in order to mitigate climate change. Of all the affronts to my liberties, none is as unnerving as the President’s climate action plan. He unveiled it last June, and it is avowedly authoritarian. In a speech before students at Georgetown University, President Obama said that his administration would impose climate change mitigation, because the Congress failed to do so. Congressional inaction thus became a pretext for executive policy-making, separation of powers be damned. > Read more

> Interview Marlo Lewis

CEI Podcast for April 3, 2014: Clean Air Act 

 Costs and Benefits

Senior Fellow William Yeatman is skeptical of an EPA report claiming the Clean Air Act will have nearly $2 trillion in annual benefits by 2020.


Consumer’s Guide to
Chemical Risk

CEI‘s recently released booklet, A Consumer’s Guide to Chemical Risk: Deciphering the “Science” Behind Chemical Scares,” are tools designed reduce both the confusion and fear about chemicals. 
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