- 4 million reasons why lawmakers are looking at school sports takeover

4 million reasons why Illinois lawmakers are looking at high school sports takeover

The Illinois Legislature certainly does not want to administer the state’s high school chess tournament, but lawmakers wouldn’t mind getting a piece of the millions of dollars high school basketball and high school football bring in each year. [continue reading]

Nanny-state state of the week: CA lawmaker wants to ban certain facial scrubs

For the first of installment in this weekly series, it seems appropriate our attention is focused on California, a state with a well-known and well-deserved reputation for leading the way when it comes to governmental regulations, bans and general you-can’t-do-that-ism. [continue reading]

Advocate: Police bypass Fourth Amendment with license plate readers

The widespread use of automatic license plate reader technology by local police departments is not only unsettling — it’s unconstitutional, one civil liberties advocate argues. [continue reading]

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