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You know I wouldn't ask for your help unless it was really important -- so here's the deal:

The federal government is taking more of YOUR paycheck and spending more of YOUR money than ever before. Millions of Americans are struggling to ends meet, and so many elected officials just don't seem to care.

So tell me: How committed are YOU to cutting wasteful government spending and saving the American dream for future generations?

If you're serious about making America better and want to be a part of our MAJOR nationwide effort to stop reckless spending, say you'll join in for our Day of Action.

This Saturday, April 12th, help us reach out to like-minded Americans and get them more informed, active, and involved in the political process.

We appreciate all that you've done already for the conservative cause. Because of our hardworking activists, 2014 has been a GREAT year for us so far -- but it's only April. Let's get more folks on board so we can keep this momentum going!

>> RSVP today.

Every phone call this weekend makes a difference.

Help us get more hands on deck -- let's take our fight for fiscal responsibility to the next level.

>> Be a part of our Day of Action, and help us spread the word about wasteful government spending THIS SATURDAY!

Hope you'll be a part of our big push this weekend,

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Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity President