CEI Today: EPA private email accounts, Comcast/Time Warner merger, and Iain Murray's prize in Brexit competition

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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Daily Caller: Obama EPA nominee has troubled transparency record

President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality office is facing questions about transparency.

Obama’s EPA nominee has used a private email account for official business and was instrumental in crafting clean air regulations based on secret data sets.
> Read the news story by Michael Bastasch

> Interview Chris Horner


Redstate.com: Conservative leaders to Senate: Allow the market to function; Show restraint in the Comcast / Time Warner Cable deal

Tuesday a coalition of conservative leaders sent a letter to Chuck Grassley and Mike Lee, ranking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and its Antirust subcommittee respectively. The group of 11 signatories all came together to tell Senate Republicans their view of the role of government in the proposed Time Warner Cable/Comcast deal. They raise good points, and come to the correct conclusion that government needs to get out of the way. > Read the news story by Neil Stevens

> Interview Wayne Crews

CEI’s Iain Murray Wins Second Place at
Brexit Prize Competition in London

Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Vice President for Strategy, Iain Murray, and co-author, Rory Broomfield, Deputy Director of The Freedom Association and Director of Better Off Out, won second place at the Institute for Economic Affair’s (IEA) “Brexit Prize” competition in London today. Launched in 2013, the competition solicits proposals for an exit plan to extract the United Kingdom from the European Union. > Read more


Consumer’s Guide to
Chemical Risk

CEI‘s recently released booklet, A Consumer’s Guide to Chemical Risk: Deciphering the “Science” Behind Chemical Scares,” are tools designed reduce both the confusion and fear about chemicals. 
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